Our Team

Dara Law Chambers PC (DLC) has a team of Lawyers who try to excel in the professional and personal lives. We take pride in our work for our community by offering our specialized knowledge and experience. Partners at DLC are recognized leaders in their respective areas of practice. Our professional discipline and expertise have won the loyalty of our clients in the past and continues to win us wonderful testimonials. Our trusted legal advice is sought by both corporations and individuals. We believe in putting clients first and represent their voice by providing comprehensive solutions to legal matters and concerns.

Jasmeet Kaur Dara

Jasmeet Kaur Dara’s legal practice includes residential and commercial real estate transactions,  construction, and family law. Called to the Bar by the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2011, Jasmeet has rich experience with the legal system. Clients acknowledge and appreciate her unique ability to provide quality and timely legal advice in a professional and candid manner, which stems from her belief of putting clients first and stepping into their shoes so that the defined goals can be met.

Jasmeet,  mother to two wonderful children, loves to train in WuShu along with both her kids, and is a member of the WuShu Project in Toronto. She has a penchant for the Martial Arts and respects the discipline it brings in along with the focus and a calm and composed mind!






Gourav Dara

Gourav Dara is currently Barrister & Solicitor at DLC and is equipped with strong negotiation skills which lets him deliver outstanding results. Adept at handling complex legal issues, Gourav specializes in Corporate and Commercial Law, Telecommunication Law, Estate Law and Civil  Litigation.  Gourav excels in providing solutions with professionalism, integrity and client centric approach.

Apart from being a Karate Kid, Gourav is fond of energy boosting spirituality. It is his belief that apart from concentration, simple observation also helps in becoming more spiritual. Fascinated by the double slit experiment demonstrating observation creates reality, Gourav is looking to enhance his observation module to grow spiritually!